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Alonisma II - Duo

“Alonisma II” is a new project created by Andrea Romani and Apostolos Sideris.


All tracks are composed by Andrea Romani except for the traditional Greek - Macedonian song “Patrounino”


We offer the listener a fusion of jazz harmony and Makam (modal) music, in particular Turkish Makam but also rhythms derived from Greek traditional dances (eleven eights and seven eights in “Mantilatos,” for example).  The sonic spectrum of this recording was created by two instruments with very different musical registers (contrabass and flute, contrabass and ney).


These couplings invite the listener to unconsciously perceive an imaginary potential orchestra that is harmonically and rhythmically present.

During the improvised solos, jazz phrases appear along with Arabic and Turkish calls.


The two musicians spent the winter of 2016 in Istanbul, composing and rehearsing for the project, and recorded it on the island of Mytilini (Lesvos ) - just a few miles off the Aegean Turkish coast - during two days, with no overdubs and in a daring live session at Alcalica Studio.


In three of the songs here, the young Greek percussionist Stratis Skoureas (one of the best emerging talents in Greece) joins the group.


The recording has not yet been mastered.

Bahkta - A. Romani, A. Sideris
Josefine - A. Romani, A. Sideris

Alonisma II - Duo

feat. Carlo Nartoni 

Carlo Maria Nartoni sprung from a classical background and ended up in Jazz and Impro performance. He was the pianist with the Jazz Band of Milano directed by Enrico Intra. 

He has played in European theatres and festivals along with prestigious musicians.

During concerts he plays piano not always in a conventional manner and he uses other instruments to obtain particular sounds and effects.

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