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Andrea Romani toghether with Francesca Cominelli ( director of IREST, Paris Sorbonne) founded, to help to spread around the world the heritage of Omer Erdogdular and his son Ahmet Erdogdular 

Alonisma has some of its important  roots in Ottoman music. Andrea Romani followed in the last ten years the teachings of the great master of Ney Omer Erdogdular, and Ottoman music. 

Ömer Erdoğdular

Ömer Erdoğdular was born in Konya in 1949 and grew up in Istanbul. He began learning Ney from his father M.Ali Bey in his childhood. In 1961, he studied at Turkish Music Conservatory. In 1965, he studied with Ümit Gürelman, and soon later started lessons with Niyazi Sayın.
Erdoğdular has still continued the relationship with Niyazi Sayın.
In the following twenty years, he performed in many radio and TV programs, orchestras and concerts. In 1980, Erdoğdular first gave his concert with the famous soloist Bekir Sıtkı Sezgin. From 1984 to 1987, Erdoğdular served as a neyzen in the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Classical Turkish Music Chorus, which was conducted by Nevzat Atlığ. He recorded several CDs with Bekir Sıtkı Sezgin, tanburi Necdet Yaşar and kemençevi İhsan Özgen. In 1987, Erdoğdular became a member of the State Classical Turkish Music Ensemble, which was founded by Necdet Yaşar. Erdoğdular has performed as a soloist and a member of the State Classical Turkish Music Ensemble and the Necdet Yaşar Ensemble, and participated in various festivals, concerts and recitals not only in Turkey but also in Europe, United States, Japan and the Middle East.
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