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Ag. Hermogenis, Lesvos, summer 2016

Greek & Turkish musicians resident in Lesvos Island,  Summer 2016


One of my last wanderings with Alekos Kafounis & Seray Yalcin, recorded with Zoom H1 (added reverb) in the small church of Agios Hermogenis in Lesvos:


Saba Pesrev & Huzzam Saz Semaisi

Classical Ottoman repertoire
Ney, Lafta, Bendir


Haydar Haydar & Kerpic Kerpic Ustune

Traditional Turkish music repertoire
Ney, Lafta, Bendir, Voices (Andrea, Seray)


Ney | Lavta | Bendir 

Huzzam Saz Semaisi, Refik Fersan - Unknown Artist
Saba Pesrevi, Osman Bey -
Haydar Haydar - Unknown Artist
Kerpic Kerpic Ustune -

Peter Van, fall 2017

This is "Petervan" a 1989 model T3 volkswagen with kitchen heating system beds and microphones ready to become a travelling studio for the next wanderings .... next target: north of Greece Makedonia and Epirus , stay tuned!

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