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Alonisma  Trio


The music group Alonisma was created by the Italian flute and ney player Andrea Romani. Romani has dedicated his extensive musical research—which has been based not only on long stays in the studio but also on extensive travels—to the integration of jazz and modal music, in particular, that of the Mediterranean, the Balkans, and the Middle East and central Asia. In 2013 he created the collective "Alonisma" in Paris, which brought together musicians, painters, directors, actors, dancers, and academics from Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. After years in Istanbul, Paris, and Athens, in 2017 Romani directed and published his first album with the group Alonisma, Cekirdek, under the Turkish label Kalan Muzik. 


For this installment of the group, Alonisma will feature two Greek musicians, Apostolos Sideris on contrabass and Alex Louloudis on percussion, both of whom have been weathered in the jazz and creative music scenes of New York. 


Alonisma is an experimental trio that in the above teaser features the group Lown of the French pianist Alexis Nercessian. As you can see, Alonisma can play a rich repertoire with sounds of jazz, central Asia, the middle east and more. Alonisma an Lown met 3 years ago in Paris, where Romani participated in Nercessian's latest album, combining the sounds of jazz with the tones of Central Asia and the Middle East. On trumpet is Leo Jeannet, Nercessian constant partner. 

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